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Ungulate Removal Contacts by Island:

The contacts lists shared below are intended for landowners or property managers interested in contracting public hunters for removal and control of ungulates on private property. Both parties should be aware that control permits are required under certain circumstances by the Division of Forestry and Wildlife. Please refer to their permitting guidelines here

Disclaimer: Contact lists provided above are maintained by partners of the Hawaiʻi Ungulates Working Group but all liabilities and responsibilities lie within the two parties (hunters and landowners) contracting and conducting the services needed. These lists are intended to be shared as a resource but we are under no responsibility for any of the interactions between the two parties. 


Hawaiʻi Island: unavailable
Maui: unavailable
Lānaʻi: unavailable
Molokaʻi: unavailable
Oʻahu: unavailable
Kauaʻi: contact list

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